Vipassana Hall


A Dhamma hall is under construction for the benifit of many. The area of the Dhamma hall is 3,300 square feet which will be the biggest Dhamm hall in Kalyan City for Vipassana meditators once it completes. The work has been running in various phases-

1.Stone Foundation – completed (approx. cost is Rs. 1.4 lakh)

2.Wall & Roofing – completed (approx. cost Rs. 8 lakhs)


3. Marble Flooring – yet to be completed (approx. cost Rs. 6 lakhs). We have bought 5000 sq ft marble from Rajasthan.

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5. Window Sliding – yet to be done (approx. cost Rs. 1.5 lakh). Iron grills are already fixed on at every window. 

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received 1 Ashthadhatu made Buddha Statues donated by Mahopasika Dr. Bongkot Sitthipol of Thailand.

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