Protest Rally at Gate Way of India, Mumbai.

23rd May, 2016

A rally was organised by Buddha Bhoomi Foundation (Regd.) at heart of Mumbai i.e. at Gate Way of India to protest against the heinous killing of Buddhist monk in Bandarban. Monks prayed for the Nibbanik peace of the deceased monk and condemned the Govt. of Bangladesh. Gautam Ratna Thero the founder of the BBF declared the next course of action. He, on be behalf of Buddhist people in Maharashtra will write letter to Mr. Ban Ki Moon (General Secretary, UNO), President of India, Governor of Maharashtra and Prime Minister of Bangladesh seeking rigorous punishment for the religious extremists in BD.
We stand in solidarity with the Buddhist minority in Bangladesh.
Meanwhile media persons at masses including India’s top most channels like Aaj Tak, India Today, Awaj India took notice of the rally.


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